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Property Condition Assessment 

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) serves the crucial purpose of observing and reporting on the physical state of the subject property, offering professional recommendations on potential future issues, financial risks, or liabilities to the client.

In our comprehensive Property Condition Assessment reports, major structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components are meticulously examined for their condition, completion status, general code conformance, life cycle costs, sufficiency for intended use, and the extent of defects and depreciation. Our Building Sciences team conducts interviews with site personnel, performs document reviews, and carries out walk-through surveys to provide a thorough analysis.

The Property Condition Assessment covers various systems, including:

Site and Grounds:

  • Pavement, curbs, loading docks, walks, landscaping, irrigation, site drainage, exterior lighting, walls, fencing/railings, signage, and exterior amenities.

Structural Systems:

  • Foundations and structural framing of walls, columns, intermediate floors, and roofs.

Building Envelope:

  • Roofing systems, exterior finishes, stairs and steps, exterior doors, and windows.

Interior Building Components:

  • Interior finishes of common areas and tenant spaces. Soft goods' condition is not assessed.

Mechanical Systems:

  • Property-owned electrical, heating, ventilation/air conditioning, plumbing, and conveyance systems.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Life safety, fire suppression systems, and a general visual review of property compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We also contact local building, zoning, and fire authorities to identify any outstanding code violations.

The industry standard for commercial Property Condition Assessment is ASTM E2018-15, encompassing a prescriptive narrative on research and preparation of the PCA and PCR (property condition report). We adhere to the ASTM guidelines for all inspections, providing clients with expected service life and cost estimates for repairs and replacements.

Considerations in our PCA and Inspection process include:

Site Components:

  • Topography, stormwater drainage, paving and parking, site access, landscaping, hardscaping, pedestrian walkways, on-site utilities, and specialized amenities.

Building Components:

  • Structural systems, facade, roofing systems, plumbing systems, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical systems, vertical transportation, fire-protection systems, life safety systems, and general interior finishes.

Trust us for a thorough Property Condition Assessment, where attention to detail and adherence to industry standards ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your property's condition.

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