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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Explore the pinnacle of environmental risk management in real estate decisions with Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). Synergy Environmental Group stands as the foremost ESA provider across the US, Canada, and Mexico, earning trust from lenders, investors, attorneys, and other stakeholders. Our commitment extends beyond identifying issues; we persist until environmental challenges are resolved.

Embrace a customer-centric journey with us, where convenience and accuracy take center stage in every report. Feel empowered to make investment decisions globally, armed with comprehensive insights into the environmental conditions of any property site.

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Synergy Environmental Group specializes in the execution of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, recognized as the industry gold standard for evaluating environmental liabilities across diverse commercial real estate assets. With a rich history in conducting Phase I ESAs and active involvement in standard creation and updates, our team provides clients with an expert perspective on all types of properties. Our Environmental Professionals adhere to the EPA's AAI Standard, ensuring a high level of competence and compliance.


What's Involved

The Phase I ESA Scope includes the following:

Site Visit
  • Inspection of the Site by an Experienced Inspector

  • Catalog the Presence of Hazardous Materials or Petroleum Products

Historical Research
  • Historical Aerial Photographs

  • Reverse Street Directories / City Directories

  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

  • Topographical Maps

  • Building Permits

  • Planning Records

  • Department of Oil and Gas Maps

  • Interviews

Geology and Hydrogeology
  • Soil Type

  • Geological Setting

  • Groundwater Depth

Regulatory Research
  • Fire Departments

  • State Environmental Agencies

  • Federal Environmental Agencies

Interviews and Document Review
  • Interview Tenants and Owners

  • Interview State and Local Regulators

  • Review Provided Reports

Phase I ESA
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
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