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4 Ways Your Business Maybe Wasting Energy

Here are four common ways businesses unknowingly waste energy and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes.

Keeping Your Lights on All the Time

One solution is to install motion sensors or timer-controlled lights. Set up these lights to turn off when no one is in the room or during non-business hours. Your parking lot lights may also be contributing to high energy costs. Check if the parking lot’s lights can be turned off during the day to help save your business money.

Using Older HVAC Appliances

Old HVAC appliances use more energy to operate. Replacing them with new, energy-efficient appliances will heat up or cool down your spaces faster, use less energy when running and save your business money each month.

Using Your Energy-Heavy Equipment at The Same Time

When you’re not using desktop computers, laptops or printers, turn them off. If possible, try to stagger the use of equipment during the day. If this equipment is all in use at the same time, it can drive up your utility bills.

Unknown Energy Loss

When you find rooms won’t stay warm or bills are high without explanation, you might be losing energy in ways you can’t see. An energy audit is an extremely valuable assessment of how much energy is being used in your business. With the cost of energy going up every year, an audit is a great way to discover where the most energy is being used.


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