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5 Signs of Improper Roof Installation

1. Nails visible below the edge of the shingle– opposite to the high nailed shingles, you can also have low nailed shingles. This is where the nails are placed below the nailing zone and, often times, this leaks the nails visible. 2. Crooked shingles Not having straight lines to use as a reference when installing shingles will cause the finished product to be wavy. If the rows are too crooked, this can cause wind driven rain to get underneath the shingle and Will leads to leaks. 3. Granule loss– granules are the small rocks that make up the top layer of your shingles. If your roof isn’t ventilated correctly, you can start to see pre-mature granule loss pretty quickly. You’ll notice granules coming out of your downspouts or sitting in your gutters. 4. Unsealed nail heads– there are places on roof where exposed nails can’t be avoided. These are ridge cap terminations, pipe boots, HVAC vents, and certain flashings. If a nail has to be exposed, it MUST be capped with sealant. 5. Shingles sliding off the roof– this is the first and most common symptom of improper installation. When you see shingles sliding off of roofs, it’s usually caused by the nails being installed too high on the shingle. #Homeinspection #homeinspections #Homeinspector #Realestate #LOSANAGELES #SanDiego #SF #Denver #commercialrealestate #Oakland #realestate #denver #PhaseIESA #phoenix #orangecounty

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