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Are Commercial buildings more vulnerable to flooding?

Are Commercial buildings more vulnerable to flooding?

Commercial buildings are just as vulnerable to flood damages residential buildings. All year-round properties are subject to damage from weather, such as hailstorms, torrential rain and cyclones. Waterproofing is critical to prevent the damage caused by flooding. It is important to waterproof your commercial property, flooding not only poses a health and safety risk but can also led to structural defects such as cracks mold and concrete cancers. owner, your disaster preparedness plan should address flooding and include measurable steps to prevent any negative impact such an event can have on your property and business. Some of these tips include:

Inspecting and assessing your property.

Carry out a thorough inspection of your property to identify any areas that may be vulnerable to flooding or water damage. Look at the drainpipes and roofing and make note of any loose tiles or fixtures. Puddles can form on the top roof, particularly on flat roofs since water tends to collect there after rain.

Cleaning gutters

Getting your gutters, downpipes, and any drains cleaned out is a simple yet effective measure against water damage. When gutters are blocked, water has nowhere to go and can back up into your building, causing leaks and damage to the ceilings and walls.

Getting your HVAC system checked

Your buildings’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is one of the most vulnerable components when it comes to water damage. Prevent any power outages or electrical surges by elevating your HVAC and securing it with tight bolts and a waterproof cover.

Waterproofing your building's basement

Leaking basements in commercial buildings can lead to several issues. There are many solutions to a leaking basement, including exterior excavation waterproofing, which involves excavating the area down to its foundation to fix and reinstall draining systems.

Preventing water damage is your best way of protecting your commercial building. Don’t wait until a storm has hit and your contents and building are damaged before securing a flood disaster and waterproofing plan. Preventing leaks and damage caused by water and floods not only ensures your building’s safety, but also prevents loss of income and property value.


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