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Stop Leaks A tiny drip of water can indicate that your roof is in need of repair. Though it seems like more of a nuisance, a leak of any size shouldn’t be neglected. Small openings can turn into gaping holes over time and compromise your entire roof.

Prepare for the Season Each season brings with it different weather patterns. As the months change, you should adjust your roofing care to match the time of year. Especially with most places preparing for snowy winters, you should start preparing your building for the cold.

Clear Obstructions Different types of debris from leaves to stray trash can collect on your roof. If you let it pile up, it hinders the structural integrity of the surface. Water won’t drain effectively, it’s harder to spot issues, and you’ll end up paying for costly repairs.

Check Roof-Mounted Equipment Many of your building’s major components are located on the roof. Your HVAC, exhaust vents, and various cables all are mounted up top to keep the inside of your building comfortable. However, this means that these important parts are also exposed to the elements. As you check your roof, look at the flashings around the different vents and machines to see that they’re properly sealed.

Get a Professional Inspection To know the full scope of your roof’s condition, the best thing you can do is hire a professional inspector.


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