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Common Commercial Property Building Problems and How to Fix Them

You want everything to run smoothly in your building so that everyone using the property can enjoy access to all areas and make full use of all the amenities and facilities. However, it is almost inevitable that you will encounter a variety of different problems over time, most of them minor irritations, hopefully, which can often be avoided with the help of a regular maintenance program.

Electrical faults

Problems with electrics in your building can be a real source of frustration and could create a dangerous situation if the issues aren’t fixed expediently.

Dead outlets are a sign that something might be wrong with your wiring, and it might be an indication of a poor circuit connection or an indication that the circuit breaker has tripped because it got too hot.


Uninvited water and leaks in your building are bound to be bad news and if these problems are not resolved quickly, they can lead to some significant problems and repair costs could easily spiral out of control in certain scenarios.

All roofs are prone to the impact of water leaking into the building and the main point to consider about this problem is that signs of moisture infiltration are often an indication that there is a problem with your roof or guttering.

If your building is old

Asbestos was widely used in construction up until about twenty years ago when it was recognized as a material that is detrimental to human health.

If your commercial property has been recently constructed asbestos should not be such as issue but if your building falls within the timeframe when this material was used, you could find that anything from pipework to roof tiles could contain asbestos.

Check any cracks out Signs of cracking, however small, should always be investigated as they are often providing clues that there is an underlying problem that needs attention.

Movement in the building structure and foundation is bad news but just because a few cracks appear it doesn’t mean that you have a structural problem, as some small cracks can be a perfectly normal occurrence.

Maintaining compliance with fire and safety regulations Although it is not a structural issue it is still very relevant to mention that your building may need to be updated to meet current fire and safety compliance requirements.

If the windows in the property were installed some while ago there is the chance that they don’t comply with current fire regulations because they don’t offer an escape route due to a lack of an opening mechanism.

Anticipating problems and dealing with minor issues with your building as they come to your attention should prove to be a savvy and cost-effective strategy and this approach will often be kinder on your bank balance too.

Contacting a property inspector to evaluate your building.


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