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Here are a few steps to avoid ADA Lawsuits

1. Start with parking

A serial litigant doesn’t even have to get out of their car to observe most ADA parking violations. Make sure you have the correct number of accessible spaces with proper signage and compliant access aisles.

2. Have a route from accessible parking to your front door that is accessible.

The path of travel cannot have excessive slopes, steps, steep ramps, or changes in level over a half an inch, and must be at least 36 inches wide.

3. Check your entries.

Your entry is covered by several complicated ADA Standards that govern clear width, maneuvering clearance, door surfaces, landings, and hardware to name a few. Having a compliant entry, along with accessible parking and paths of travel, will protect you from the dreaded drive-by lawsuit.

4. Measure the bathroom.

Public restrooms access issues are almost always cited in ADA lawsuits because restrooms have so many ADA requirements. Some of the most common restroom issues involve the height of coat hooks, paper towel and soap dispensers, mirrors, and toilet paper dispensers. Unwrapped pipes under sinks and misplaced grab bars are also frequently called out.

When you are uncertain about the accessibility of your business, enlist the help of a qualified Commercial Property Inspector.


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