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Office Real Estate Inspection

An office real estate inspection is provided for a range of commercial businesses. These include various business professionals, medical and dental practices, tech firms, and more for different types of real estate transactions. Such an inspection can occur before the purchase or sale of a commercial property, or at any time during the lease of the property, including before and after lease execution, and during its term.

An office real estate inspection is performed for a variety of property subcategories, including:

  • office buildings (single-story to a high-rise)

  • flex spaces and multi-use facilities

  • medical and dental office suites

  • office suites and condominiums (one or more units); and

  • residential buildings that have been or will be converted to commercial space.

As a baseline, the inspection will provide the client with an inventory of the building’s major systems and components, and an evaluation of their physical condition. The commercial inspector will look specifically for issues that the client will want to know about before acquiring, selling or leasing the property.


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