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Recognized Environmental Condition

Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) is a term used to recognize environmental responsibility in the context of the Level I Environmental Site Assessment. It is also known as Areas of Potential Environmental Condition (APEC). It is also known as Areas of Potential Environmental Condition (APEC). ASTM describes the accepted environmental condition as the presence or probable presence of any petroleum products or hazardous substances at the property:

  1. Due to discharge to the environment,

  2. Under circumstances that suggest discharge to the environment, or

  3. Under circumstances that represent a potential threat of discharge to the environment

RECs can originate in the property in question or property close to or adjacent to the concerned property. Similarly, REC can also exist away from the relevant site.

Also, RECs can surface during Phase I ESA interviews and analysis of the regulatory and historical records. Eliminating data discrepancies or shortcomings that prevent RECs’ detection is of the utmost significance to the benefit of the Phase I ESA. In the case of long-standing assets, completed documents help in the removal or detection of high-risk uses.

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