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A flat commercial roof can last up to 40 years, with proper maintenance. However, there are many factors into a replacement, such as weather, the quality of installation, and materials used can affect how soon a roof will need to be replaced.

Water Damage

Water damage is very common for commercial roofs that are flat. Because water can pool more easily, it can damage your material and leak into your building.

Worn-Out Materials

Worn-out roofing membrane may look cracked, discolored, and may also begin to thin out.

Visible Damage

Visible damager to your roof, can lead to other future problems! For example, if you do not fix a small crack on your roof, it may lead to bigger crack that will cause water damage, rot and many more issues.

A Property Inspector/Contractor recommends replacement.

If you are unsure if your roof needs a replacement, you can always contact a roofing contractor, or contact a property inspector for additional information to your property.


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