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The Importance of Erosion Control

Erosion control is important. It helps prevent water pollution, stops soil loss, protects natural habitats, safeguards property, and provides storm drainage for urban infrastructure. It’s something that homeowners and business owners can do to prevent runoff from damaging the delicate ecosystem of the planet.

Five benefits of erosion control

Preventing Water Pollution

Runoff full of chemicals and animal waste pollute water supplies when erosion control isn’t implemented. Entire ecosystems get destroyed in the process. Preventing soil from becoming too soft and loosening when wet allows runoff to be absorbed in the ground and not flow into rivers, lakes, and streams.

Safeguarding Property

Landslides are a serious threat to the property when erosion control isn’t implemented in areas with heavy rainfall. Homes and other structures in hilly or mountainous locations are prone to damage because of loose soil.

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