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Thermal Imaging for your building

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Your building may very well be at risk for a fire without you even knowing it. Electrical systems can put off excessive amounts of heat when the wiring isn’t done correctly, when the building’s systems are overworking, or when the electrical connections are loose. These electrical issues can put your building and your building tenants at risk. The best way to manage this risk and meet potential insurance requirements is through thermal inspections.

What is Thermal imaging? It is used to identify areas of elevated temperatures within the electrical system. These areas are usually located around breaker panels, switch gears, bus heads, disconnects and other electrical components. While the elevated heat may not seem like that big of a deal, they often indicate a larger issue and lead to high utility bills, loss of power, fires, and other hazards.


Traditional methods of finding these excessive heat sites cost time and money. With thermal inspections, you’ll have real-time, non-contact, non-destructive results. Performing your infrared electrical system scan this way allows more efficient and effective prioritization of the issues your building faces.


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