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Types of Commercial Inspections You Need to Know About

The majority of people are familiar with residential inspections during the home-buying process, but they may be less familiar with how commercial inspections work. Basically, there are five types of commercial inspections to suit different clients’ needs.

1) Tenant Inspections

If you’re on the hunt for a commercial property to lease for your busines. Having an inspection done will give you the knowledge about the building’s current condition and if future repairs are needed for the rental property in question.

2) Condo & Apartment Inspections

Looking to make an investment in a housing complex? Before you sign on the dotted line, let a professional inspector, inspect the condo or apartment. Not only do our company assess structural components with our apartment inspections, but we also report on visible defects, rebate and recall information, and life expectancy of the current appliances.

3) Construction Inspections

Whether it’s minor repairs or major renovations, construction projects often include stringent deadlines. To ensure your project is moving forward where it needs to be, we offer construction inspections to check that safety requirements are met and any issues with the project are addressed to prevent future delays.

4) Vacant Building Inspections

Vacant buildings require specific maintenance protocol that differs from buildings with occupants. With our vacant building inspection, we will send a certified abandoned building inspector to review any potential structural issues with the property that can be fixed prior to occupancy.

5) Environmental Inspections

Mold, asbestos, lead, and other contaminants pose a potential health threat to occupants, so you must swiftly address these concerns with a thorough environmental assessment. Our two-phase process covers assessment for contaminants and a course of action for remediation if any threat is found.


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