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While most construction site inspections are conducted during the construction phase, they can begin in pre-construction. Pre-construction inspections survey the property condition and neighboring areas before construction begins. Pre-construction site inspection checklists may consist of checks on planning permissions, conditions, and obligations to ensure compliance with local authorities.

During The Project, As the term suggests, construction site inspections most often occur on the construction site. The project scope, budget, and schedule are the primary measures of quality during a construction project.

Project Closeout

The final inspection and construction closeout process consists of site walkthroughs verifying everything has been completed in accordance with the contract documents. Once confirmed, the building is ready for its intended use or occupancy. This means the punch list has been completed, and submittals, lien waivers, warranties, close-out documentation, manuals, and as-builts have been turned over to the owner and verified for completeness.


Risk is part of every construction project. Construction site inspections help mitigate some of that risk by providing a process that allows teams to deal with human error and unforeseen changes that occur throughout the project. Having a refined checklist for construction site inspections will help drive successful completion of the project and provide visibility into areas for improvement. That way, teams can stay ahead of safety issues and leave risk behind.


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