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Ways to Protect Your Commercial Property from Water Damage

Inspect your property for water damage.

Inspect your property for areas where you might already have flooding or where flooding could present a problem and make any necessary repairs as needed. Don’t wait until disaster strikes.

Make sure your foundation is solid and well-protected.

Consider making repairs to your foundation and basement. Fill cracks with caulk, patch foundation walls, and install a sump pump to keep your building safe and dry.

Clean your roof and gutters.

Clean your roof and gutters regularly, especially before the winter season. An accumulation of water on the roof can start to leak through the ceiling.

Check for Stains, Rust, and Mold

Some common signs of water damage to your property include water stains on the floor around the toilets or sinks, as well as stains on ceilings and walls.

Last not lease, Leave it to the professionals!

Consider hiring a property inspector, to conduct a thorough water damage inspection of your property. An experienced professional will know what signs to look for. An inspector is trained to spot potential vulnerabilities so that you can fix the damage before you’re in over your head.


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