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What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

A commercial energy audit is a comprehensive analysis of your building’s energy consumption to determine where, when, and how energy is being used. An audit provides useful data about your current energy costs and gives insight into sustainable measures that can reduce energy usage, increase energy savings, and promote good environmental stewardship.

Three Types of Commercial Energy Audits

There are different kinds of commercial energy audits available with varying levels of detail, depending on your goals.

  • Level 1 Walk-Through Analysis

The energy audit includes a brief on-site survey, and an analysis of the building’s energy bills to provide an overview assessment of energy cost and efficiency. It provides initial low-cost changes that will help reduce energy consumption as well as suggested capital cost improvements to be considered going forward.

  • Level 2 – Energy Survey and Analysis

The Level 2 energy audit goes into more detail about a facility’s specific energy use. It provides a cost analysis and the resulting savings of recommended improvements that can be made to meet your specific financial and environmental goals.

  • Level 3- Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications

Level 3 commercial energy audit offers more comprehensive cost and savings data. This level takes the potential capital-intensive modifications identified in Level II and does a deeper analysis to provide a more thorough look at the project’s cost and savings to help you make investment decisions.

An energy audit could lead to multiple positive outcomes for your organization. Making your commercial buildings more efficient should be a priority, and completing an energy audit will be the first step!


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